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Teaching a whole new generation of product managers about how we created and validated 29 software products with money paid by over 18,900 clients.

Digital Assistants for Marketing and Ranking Vision AI.

Focus Pages Method and The Next SEO Goals.

Proprietary technologies that Florin Muresan’s company has spent $3 Millions USD developing and shaping. These technologies power many of the services that bring a unique tech experience to every single Squirrly brand product.

First-Ever Guarantee in SEO and Worlds-First SEO Consultant WHO is NOT a Human Being. (covered by HubSpot, Yahoo Finance, Apple News and more)

Workers Systems (distributed servers and services keeping our tech alive, without human intervention), SERP Checker Cloud, Market Intelligence, and more.

More details here and here.

I have a trusted group of developers that I’ve been working with for years.

Being a mentor at so many startup events and teaching so many bright software makers through Education Cloud PLUS and the Startup Espresso Podcast gave me access to invaluable talent.

Hit me up on Twitter if you want to chat about publishing with my company.

Florin Muresan teaches a total of 13 courses on Education Cloud PLUS (best EdTech platform to learn skills to run a business).

His Product Validation MasterClass is a comprehensive set of lessons that walks you all the way from idea to at least $10,000 USD in your company’s bank account.

Florin has been asked to speak all over the world, because people recognize him as one of the go-to people for Customer Development and Validation.

In this masterclass, the CEO of Squirrly showcases step-by-step frameworks and excercises that have been practiced and re-iterated for over 10 years by him and his teams.

Crafting, Publishing and Selling 29 Products was only made possible by Florin’s special methods.

With a Premium Pass on Education Cloud PLUS, you’ll get full access to this invaluable Master Class.

Watch a Playlist of Product Launches by Florin Muresan.

“Always Be Launching!” – Florin’s motto

Everything in life is touched by Digital Magic

Join me on a journey of innovation and transformation as we explore the frontiers of technology together.

Visionary Tech Leader, Empowering Innovator

Welcome to the world of Florin Muresan, where technology meets magic.

“As a seasoned tech CEO, I’ve built and sold 29 SaaS products, pioneering in AI since 2010, and digital marketing since 2012.

My passion lies in turning cutting-edge technology into empowering solutions that drive progress and success.”

Known around the world for Building AI Digital Assistants for Business Usecases.

Unleashing Digital Magic in the World of Tech

As a seasoned tech CEO and founder with an unparalleled track record, Florin Muresan stands as a beacon of innovation and strategic foresight in the software industry. His journey in tech entrepreneurship is marked by the successful creation and sale of an impressive 29 SaaS products (Money-Validated products and productized services), a testament to his expertise in navigating the complex and dynamic world of software development and digital marketing.

Florin’s entrepreneurial spirit was ignited early on, driven by a passion for technology’s transformative power. His prescient understanding of industry trends is exemplified by his prediction of the AI revolution in his 2010 paper on Web 3.0 and Intelligent Agents. Florin pioneered the integration of AI into digital marketing, becoming the first innovator to create AI Digital Assistants for Marketing. This groundbreaking work not only set new standards in tech but also demonstrated his commitment to empowering businesses and individuals through innovative digital solutions.

His philosophy that software is akin to ‘digital magic’ reflects his belief in technology’s potential to transcend boundaries and unlock new possibilities. Florin’s approach to software development focuses on creating tools that empower users to achieve more than what’s humanly possible, echoing the ethos of Prometheus bringing the gift of fire to humanity.

As a mentor, Florin brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. His insights into product development, market strategy, and customer engagement are invaluable to aspiring entrepreneurs. He is dedicated to sharing proven tactics, lessons learned from past mistakes, and strategies for success, making him an indispensable resource for anyone looking to make their mark in the tech world.

Florin Muresan’s involvement in various Startup events as a mentor is not just a contribution but a mission to inspire, guide, and propel the next generation of tech innovators and entrepreneurs towards creating impactful and successful digital solutions.

All About Insanely Valuable Software Products.

“Make something people want” – Paul Graham, Y Combinator.

Florin Muresan is Co-Founder and CEO of the Squirrly Company, a two-years-in-a-row most awarded software company, renowned for incredible products such as: Education Cloud PLUS, Squirrly SEO, Hide My WP Ghost by Squirrly, Starbox PRO, Squirrly Social, RankJumps, Squirrly SPY, ContentLook, Digital Pack Global, Customer App, Email Hero.

Becoming the World’s Biggest Software Publishing Company is without a doubt Florin Muresan’s biggest dream and he’s got the perfect team to help him achieve that dream.

Our worldwide operations are aligned around a global strategy called “Bridging the Gap of Desolation”, which centers on an exceptional customer experience.

With our SaaS, AI Digital Assistants, Technologies, Mentoring, Guidance, Coaching and Motivation, each Squirrly client manages to beat the Gap of Desolation and reach the point where they constantly get new Customers from the Internet.

For the past 14 years, Florin Muresan has left his mark on 29 products co-created by him, and validated with money paid by over 18,900 people around the world.

And his company, Squirrly Limited, from the United Kingdom, went on to sell over $4 Million USD worth of software products published by the SQ CO. Florin has been co-founder and CEO of the company for 12 years now.

Finding a Passion for Startups, Being a Startup CEO and Tech Founder.

“Always Be Launching” – Florin Muresan’s Motto.

How did Florin Muresan start his journey through making Software? Why is he so focused on making the best software and why does he insist on launching so many products?

World-renowned SEO expert, innovator, speaker, entrepreneur, teacher and mentor.

Gamification Expert, Email Marketing Specialist and someone who wears many, many hats.

A lot could be said: but WHY SOFTWARE?

Florin Muresan has always been creative. As a child, he loved computer graphics, designing 3D art, making comic books, and composing music. He spent lots of time doing video projects and short movies with different groups of friends.

What struck Florin Muresan very early on was the fact that all these projects lead him to be surrounded by software every single day. He loved the way software helped him create and do all these things.

In middle school and high school, Florin Muresan continued to be involved in different arts projects. He also spent time playing basketball, drumming and racing go-karts. However, he always came back to software.

There was a lot that he wanted to do. And whenever something got in his way, Florin found a software that could help him move forward towards his objective.

It became clear to Florin Muresan that software was his true passion. He loved the way it allowed him to be creative and make things that other people could enjoy.

During his time at the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Florin Muresan decided to pursue a career in building software. 

He loved the challenge of creating something from nothing and the satisfaction of seeing his work used by others. Florin quickly became a master of his craft, and his products were in high demand.

He is now a successful Tech Entrepreneur and he loves his job(s). He finds satisfaction in knowing that his work helps people in their everyday lives.

Now, Florin loves nothing more than seeing his clients succeed. He is always available to help them with their projects, and he takes great pride in their achievements. Florin knows that he is making a difference in the lives of his clients, and he would not have it any other way.

Just as software made by others have helped Florin throughout his entire life, now the software products made by him can help countless others beat the Gap of Desolation and break free from all that’s holding them back.

Going from Software User to Software Maker?

  • Yes and NO. Florin still uses tons of software products to this very day and is curious to try out many new products which appear.


Passion for software got him into the Startup World and made him become a Startup CEO.

This same passion keeps him awake at night, burning the midnight oil trying to find the next big innovations of our decade.

Entrepreneur / Startup Founder

Skills in founding companies, building teams and securing funding rounds.

Most Tech Entrepreneurs will have 2 or 3 products they sold online in their career, but Florin actually sold over 29 products: SaaS, plugins, apps, productized services. It would be even more if we started counting all the online courses he sold.

He knows better than many entrepreneurs what it takes to craft successful products and how to use online marketing to sell them.

Florin’s skills in Email Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Delivering Keynotes, Funnel Building, Product Management and Gamification have been honed in over 15 years of being involved in online businesses.

Being a Mentor and teaching hundreds of entrepreneurs at in-person events, while also having over 139,000 online students, have shaped him into the ultimate guide you’d want to have with you on your journey as an entrepreneur.

When he’s not building new Digital Assistants for Marketing, nor teaching classes, Florin Muresan spends his time with his wife and son, fixing his RX-8, sword fighting, improving his archery skills, or blasting NERF guns.

Florin secured an angel investment for Squirrly Limited and refused over $6 Million USD in VC funding from various funds, because the company became ramen-profitable and then profitable after the first 9 months. “Sure, it hasn’t always been a smooth ride, but Squirrly SEO, the Agency, Starbox and Squirrly Social are enough to fund our development.” – says the founder.

120x the money from that one investment have already been earned as revenue from sales, by bringing great value to customers.

Software Publisher (for you)

You can learn from Florin Muresan via his lessons on Education Cloud PLUS.

Especially from his MasterClass for Validating Your Software Products with money paid by clients.

Also, there’s a lot you can learn from his Startup Espresso Podcast.

However, if you have an amazing product you are working on, Florin might help you get it published and distributed to clients from all over the web.

If you need more help getting Customers from the Internet for your business, check out how we help you beat the Gap of Desolation, which is the natural Enemy of the Entrepreneur.

Innovator & CEO