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Fourth Week at Squirrly Academy

As the Fourth week started our student were back in front of their computers ready for actions and learning how to make content marketing work for them at the Squirrly Academy. The third week was focused on choosing the best topics for the audience they target and building content that appeals to them. Getting to the middle of the 3 module our students learn how content can be an done with less effort.

The final chapters of the Squirrly Academy

Last week Florin left us at understanding how an infrastructure for our idea generation can actually be able to capture more ideas and do more with less content. This week we started out with the second part of this lecture. Here the students must get to understand themselves better in order to know which are the sources of inspiration for the content on your site. Another aspect that is important for the Squirrly Academy is to change the way you perceive your work in order to keep yourself motivated. Which will be needed when having a blog or site as the results won't appear over night. In the 20 lecture we found that little insignificant things like headline generators can be the ones that give you what it takes to get out of the box with your ideas. That doesn't mean that you should use the direct result from them but the random associations they make can trigger you a great idea. In the Squirrly Academy course you can also find a short list of these kind of sites you can use when you run out of ideas for your niche.squirrly academy

Third Week at Squirrly Academy

The third week at the Squirrly Academy was more engaging than ever.  Though we crammed in a lot of information, the students picked it up fast. After having finished the second week with a quiz, the third week had to start in a happy mood. Our hope was that most students would pass the test and keep on coming back for the next lectures.

Why we care about Humans just as much as botssquirrly academy

The first lesson this week was the 11th one, where Florin presented why it is important to address your real readers an how they interact with your content. It is quite important that even if your SEO is great, the content your audience finds should be valuable and useful to them. This means you need to do proper research. In the Squirrly Academy you will find the steps which teach you how to do that effectively. The 12th lecture continued on the importance of focusing on Humans through the content creation process. It made students understand how to find the topic and the title for the article they write. The important aspect about the topic is that it makes sure that your audience is interested in that particular subject and they search information about it. In the Squirrly Academy you can also have access to a few files that help you go through the process. In the next lesson students found out more about how to make articles spread inside social media sites. The impact of each article can be influenced by the way you present the topic, trying to make it sound interesting, and how you optimize it. All students were happy enough to find out how to make their articles likeable, so that the articles should be shared for what they offered to the public. The fifth lesson from the second module was about finding the secret ingredient, which will make your articles the best in your market. Florin presented to all the students in the Squirrly Academy where to look in order to stay connected to the topic, and also why a network of influencers can make all the difference for your content marketing strategy, but you have to be enrolled in a class in order to find this out. squirrly academy