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Content Marketing

Brand Manifesto – Value Before Money. Grow World Knowledge

Value Before Money. Grow World Knowledge. - We contribute to changing the way commerce works worldwide. We believe that Content and Content Marketing are making the world a better place. What we do not believe is that "a better place" really manages to explain how much personal growth is enabled worldwide since content started spreading out like…

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How to Choose the Best Content Marketing Agency for Your eCommerce Company

Content marketing is a business strategy that's rapidly becoming one of the most often used methods of promoting a brand. Naturally, it has also spread to eCommerce businesses, and since it's a relatively new way of handling marketing, it's understandable why many business owners don't know how to pick the right agency for the job. To discuss the personal…

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Your Home Page: Which are the Dos anda Don’ts You Need To Consider Today

Is Your Home Page Eye-Catching? Your home page represents the very first impression your business will leave on potential clients. First impressions are lasting and sometimes difficult to change in the business world. It's believed they're formed within the first 8 to 15 seconds of landing on a page. This means you have to balance your content…

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[Infographic] Ann Handley’s Best Practices for Creating Top Notch Content. Expectation Marketing with Better Content

The content of your website is your no.1 sales tool. Photos, embedded tweets and other entertaining elements can be crucial in creating an attractive, visible and efficient site, but the content is what sells. Appealing and user-friendly content permits your readers to discover more about your products and services and also how your company can help them. Also, once…

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