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Digital Assistants

Overcoming the Gap of Desolation: Your Bridge to Online Success

In the entrepreneurial journey, there's a phase that's both inevitable and challenging: the Gap of Desolation. It's that moment when your goals seem just a breath away, yet infinitely out of reach. The excitement of starting your venture begins to wane under the weight of reality, leaving you in a space filled with doubt and…

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What is the Future of Business with AI and How Will AI Revolutionize Everything?

We had an AI execute the entire marketing strategy end-to-end. In Q1 of 2024 we had keyword research, pitches, content planning, creation, publishing to WordPress, indexing, social media posting for the content and email marketing for the content done by an AI. Our backlinks, number of ranking keywords, traffic, impressions only grew. Not hockey-stick, but over Q1…

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Announcing our AI Agenda

End-to-End, Done-For-You, Fully automated digital marketing. Where you will be the one making the key decisions and approving messages. Everything else will run on auto-pilot. I know that's quite a big announcement, but we've already finished the WordPress plugin for Next Level Marketing AI by Squirrly, and we're currently working on the second big iteration of the cloud app for…

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This Is The Future. Introducing Next Level Marketing AI

"Squirrly works together with AI in a fully automated way. The website operators only have to install Squirrly and everything is done by the AI." AI and Squirrly. From the early days of Squirrly, when we've announced some of our first Digital Assistants for marketing, which used Gamification (2012-2020) to help human users overcome challenges and bridge…

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10 New Courses for Embracing the AI Revolution: The Path Forward

In 2010, when the digital landscape was just beginning to show its immense potential, I made a prediction: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Assistants would not only become integral to marketing but would redefine the way we interact with technology and conduct business. Fast forward to today, and this prediction has not only materialized but has…

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Introducing the Social Media Assistant by Squirrly

The Social Media Assistant by Squirrly: Revolutionizing Digital Marketing Ladies and gentlemen, today I stand before you to introduce a game-changing innovation in the world of social media marketing. Just as we revolutionized the way we SEO with Focus Pages and re-shaped SEO Coaching with Next SEO Goals (and Squirrly SML), the Squirrly Company is once again pushing boundaries with the…

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florin muresan digital assistants

The Focus Pages Innovation – Best Piece of Tech I’ve Ever Co-Created

I've done a keynote about it: There's a WayBackMachine listing about it. Moz doesn't offer it. SEMrush doesn't offer it. Ahrefs doesn't offer it. They don't offer anything that even comes close to this massive game-changer for the world of SEO. Ten years of research lead me to the moment when I could finally build it and release…

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