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Startup Life

Gifts for Entrepreneurs, Supporting and Giving to Entrepreneurs with Squirrly

Empowering Entrepreneurship: A Commitment Made Tangible Squirrly Company, founded by Florin Muresan, has always been the trustworthy friend that entrepreneurs could lean on in their hour of need. Our company's mission revolves around helping entrepreneurs surmount the seemingly insurmountable "Gap of Desolation", offering hope, empowerment, and the promise of success. We are thrilled to announce…

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The Keynote Where I Talked About Our Passion for Fueling Entrepreneurial Dreams All Over the Globe

Florin Muresan, CEO of the Squirrly Company, takes you on a journey through the history of Squirrly. From the early days of the company to the present, Florin shares the challenges and successes that have led to the creation of the Squirrly Digital Pack. He explains how the company started and how it evolved…

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Why I’m Still Here After 10 Years. Robin Needs Our Help.

Robin was staring at her computer screen, feeling despondent. Her business wasn't doing well. She couldn't get any customers. She couldn't get her phone to ring. Robin's business was online but nothing happened. Self-doubt. Fear. The feeling she wasn't good enough. The feeling her business idea was stupid. She kept staring into the pit of…

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We’ve Been Innovating for 10 Years

The Squirrly Company has been innovating for almost a decade now. Digital Personal Assistants for Marketing – many types, embedded across our products. Workers Systems (a way to use multiple cloud services to keep serving data and crawling data, without pause) Proprietary Technology that we’ve already spent over $2 Million USD on Marketing Intelligence Feature SERP…

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Validated 17 Products – most of them Software Products – With Real Money Paid by Customers

Will Speak at Code Camp About Pre-Product Validation. Guess it's a good topic for me, since I've managed to validate 17 products on the market. Got some pretty happy buyers who became successful after buying the products. The Squirrly Company is delivering insanely great marketing software to 6,455 B2B paying customers in over 90 countries. But…

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