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The Social Media Manager

New Social Media Trends That Will Change the Rest of 2017 For You

Who would have thought that Snpachat would become such a popular social media platform in 2016, given that it was released almost six years ago? This shows Snapchat is one of those tools that was launched at the wrong time. Or what about the fact that Vine has been shut down? Year after year, social media trends…

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How To Get An Audience of 7 Million People For Your Next Best Social Media Post

In my last email from the Series called: Digital Marketing Superstars, I wrote about Udemy's smart content strategy. After telling our subscribers¬†a short story about the sneaky way Udemy handles content creation, I also mentioned and Thunderclap. I wanted to do a short and clever curation to help you (if you're one of our subscribers)…

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