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The Florin Muresan BIO

Mentor and Speaker at Startup Events. Growth Hacker, Customer Development Expert. Content Marketing Teacher. Challenging the Status Quo is what makes me tick.

I have experience with raising investments and I speak about angel and VC investments at startup events and conferences around the world.

Since 2010, I have built 17 different SaaS (software as a service) products in two companies that I co-founded. All of these managed to get B2B subscription-paying customers and our 7 best sellers have actually sold 7,479 subscriptions in over 90 countries!

For Squirrly, I’ve raised an Angel Investment from day 1. When we reached break-even, we gained the interest of one of the early investors in SoundCloud, we were contacted by SeedCamp and we started talking with big VC firms who invested in Udemy, Facebook, Wix, Automattic (company that runs

My 5-Step customer development process is what made lots of people read this Florin Muresan Bio until now 🙂 They wanted to make sure I’m the person they heard about regarding great stories and practices on how to start with nothing and get to an amazing product that gets paying customers from day 1.

I love the team at Squirrly and we’re helping businesses and amazing people give up on interruption marketing and join the Light Side of inbound marketing, with our Fully Managed Blog Marketing Plan.

This BIO wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention the 2,750 Students I have on udemy for my Content Marketing course, the 3 Million Downloads for our main SaaS for SEO on WordPress and the fact that HubSpot, Brian Dean, Neil Patel, Search Engine Journal, Kinsta and other influencers keep recommending Squirrly as a must have tool for content marketing professionals.

With Education Cloud and lessons and courses inside, we’ve managed to teach 139,000 students world-wide.

The Florin Muresan Media Kit for your Startup Event or Startup Magazine.

A downloadable media kit to use when displaying bio about Florin Muresan or pictures with Florin Muresan on your website.

Useful for your website if you get Florin Muresan to speak at your event, to mentor the startup teams in your accelerator, or if you’re taking an interview of Florin Muresan.

If you want to get more than the Florin Muresan bio, the media kit is the best place to start. Also read my blog on : I use it to draw attention to Startup Marketing Stories That Matter.

Innovator & CEO

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