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Speaking about how we built and sold 29 SaaS products on the global market. Teaching a whole new generation of future product managers.

Florin Muresan – CEO, Squirrly and: Helping You Succeed Through Digital Transformation.

World-renowned SEO expert, innovator, speaker, entrepreneur, teacher and mentor.

Always be Launching!

– Florin’s motto

Digital Transformation Expert

Florin Muresan is a Digital Transformation Expert who has dedicated over 12 years to helping entrepreneurs build up the digital component of their business.

Some businesses have been fully transformed. Some received the Digital Presence they needed to thrive in the 21st Century, bridge the Gap of Desolation and Get Customers from the Internet.

Serving 18,900 B2B paying clients was made possible via the Digital Marketing Assistants (AIs), Worker Systems, Ranking Vision, MarketIntelligence and Focus Pages Method. These are all technologies that Mr. Muresan invested over $2 Million USD of Squirrly’s revenues in.

Ready to Go Digital?

Go Squirrly! we have solutions to fit the highest budgets and the lowest budgets as well.

Software Expert, Publisher and Innovator

Florin Muresan co-founded the Squirrly Company, in the United Kingdom. His company has become one of the largest software publishing companies in the world.

Businesses in over 90 countries across the Globe are using his software programs and the number of companies paying for Squirrly’s solutions have gone up to 20,000.

“At present date, we are selling 17 main titles around the world and we also offer a few free software titles on top of these.”

If you need any software to help digitally transform your business, the Squirrly Company probably has it or has a way to supply you with that software.

SEO Expert and Digital Marketing Expert

Florin Muresan helps over 500,000 business owners, digital marketers, SEOs, freelancers and web developers to reach SEO Success through Squirrly SEO, Squirrly SPY and ContentLook.

People in over 90 countries across the Globe are using his software products, coaching sessions and trainings to become better marketers.

At present date, 135,000 people have taken his lessons and his classes.

Florin Muresan is also co-authoring the book on Expectation Marketing, the new marketing system which redefines trust for Digital Brands.

Innovator was one of the popular blogging and site creation platforms, competing with the likes of Tumblr, Wix, Weebly. Co-Founded by Calin Vingan and Florin Muresan.

At Squirrly, the second company co-founded by Florin, innovations just keep on coming.

2022 has seen many innovative upgrades to Ranking Vision, the Workers Systems (processing algorithms, property of the Squirrly Company), MarketIntelligence, Focus Pages Method and the Digital Assistants for Marketing created by Florin.

Every year, new products with Florin’s mark hit the market and people can’t wait to get their hands on the new products.

Squirrly SEO went from Squirrly SEO 2016 to 2017, to 2018 and to 2018: Steve… all in One Year of massive updates and changes. By working very closely with customers, Florin Muresan manages to offer them experiences and novel solutions at a very accelerated rate.

Products created by Florin feel different. They are made with the customer in mind… NOT with the competition in mind. Following great principles such as Customer Development, he can deliver software that is 100% focused on solving needs in the easiest way for the customer.

Digital Assistants for Marketing

Personal Assistants for Digital Marketing. Florin Muresan has been working on this since 2010, when he wrote the basis for Web 3.0

These Assistants will “take a look” at available data and then tell the Human operator important aspects they need to pay attention to.

Digital Assistants for Marketing are the first things that can already be built to make the move towards Business 3.0 (read Florin’s definition)

Entrepreneur / Startup Founder

Skills in founding companies, building teams and securing funding rounds.

Florin Muresan is a founder, CEO, internet marketer, teacher, mentor and advisor to many startups. Most Tech Entrepreneurs will have 2 or 3 products they sold online in their career, but Florin actually sold over 29 products: SaaS, plugins, apps, productized services. It would be even more if we started counting all the online courses he sold.

He knows better than many entrepreneurs what it takes to craft successful products and how to use online marketing to sell them.

Florin’s skills in Email Marketing, SEO, Content Marketing, Delivering Keynotes, Funnel Building, Product Management and Gamification have been honed in over 13 years of being involved in online businesses.

Being a Mentor and teaching hundreds of entrepreneurs at in-person events, while also having over 139,000 online students, have shaped him into the ultimate guide you’d want to have with you on your journey as an entrepreneur.

When he’s not building new Digital Assistants for Marketing, nor teaching classes, Florin Muresan spends his time with his wife and son, fixing his RX-8, sword fighting, improving his archery skills, or blasting NERF guns.

Florin Muresan can start new companies in a Flash.

However, ever since he co-founded Squirrly in London, United Kingdom six years ago, his dedication remained solely on building the world’s FIRST and most amazing Assistant which can help you go from “Never Found” to Always Found on the First page of Google.

Florin secured an angel investment for Squirrly Limited and refused over $6 Million USD in VC funding from various funds, because the company became ramen-profitable and then profitable after the first 9 months. “Sure, it hasn’t always been a smooth ride, but Squirrly SEO, the Agency, Starbox and Squirrly Social are enough to fund our development.” – says the founder.

120x the money from that one investment have already been earned as revenue from sales, by bringing great value to customers.

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“Always win by Helping others win”

One of the Core Values of the Squirrly Company.

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